The digital operating microscope is a critical component of modern endodontic treatment

The superior illumination and magnification allow for greater image resolution, contrast, and depth perception. More so than any other device, the digital operating microscope has transformed endodontics, resulting in higher rates of success for both surgical and non-surgical treatment; in short more teeth can be saved and with more reliability. In endodontics, the best results are only possible with ideal optics.

The Zeiss OPMI® ProErgo is the benchmark microscope for ergonomics. It allows our endodontists to adopt a comfortable posture during treatment and concentrate solely on the task at hand -your root canal treatment.

Angled optics allow a direct view of difficult-to-access areas that otherwise would be impossible to treat

A viewfinder for the assistant allows the endodontist and assistant to work more effectively and efficiently. Digital intra-oral photographs and video provide a remarkably detailed record of the treatment performed at the Richmond Endodontic Centre.

Apicoectomy and root-end surgery are terms referring to endodontic surgery. The digital operating microscope has made these old terms redundant. Endodontic microsurgery enjoys much greater rates of success and less after-appointment pain and swelling than pre-microscopic surgery.

It is difficult to overstate how important the digital operating microscope is for contemporary endodontics

Since 1998 it has been mandatory for all post-graduate endodontic residents in North America to demonstrate proficiency with a microscope. Modern endodontists must be proficient with a microscope.

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