Massage Chairs, Warm Neck Pillows and Ceiling TV all for your comfort

The Pelton & Crane Spirit 1801 Dental Chair is unique in that not only does it look modern it is actually very comfortable! It has a gentle back massage feature, which promotes blood flow to the large muscles of the back. This will encourage muscle relaxation and prevent the stiff feeling from developing in your back.

No more pain in the back for you!

The warm neck pillows provide both physical stability and soothing warmth to the muscles of your neck. This will allow you to remain comfortable during the appointment and avoid a sore neck afterwards.

No pains in the neck at the Richmond Endodontic Centre

Satellite television in the ceiling with cordless headphones allow you to "tune out" during your appointment at the Richmond Endodontic Centre.

The appointment time will fly by as you are able to relax and focus your attention elsewhere

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