The root canal experience is not the "nightmare" that the ill-informed may imagine it to be

Endodontic treatment eliminates the source of the pain of a toothache. With modern anaesthetics and injection techniques pain during treatment is eliminated.

Not only is modern endodontic treatment painless, it has a documented success rate of over 90%

The assumption a "root canal" treatment will be a horrible experience is outdated and should not prevent you from saving a tooth. Do not let fear guide you, make an informed decision. Please contact our office if you have any questions or concerns. We take great care and has many facilities to make your endodontic experience pleasant and uneventful.

Below are some frequently asked questions (FAQ) and answers about endodontics.

  • No, endodontic treatment eliminates the source of pain thereby providing relief
  • Modern local anaesthetic techniques provide adequate 'freezing' for even the most sensitive teeth
  • Adhering to the pain medication guidelines will promote healing and minimise any after-appointment pain
  • Oral sedation is available to alleviate stress and anxiety
  • Treatment at the Richmond Endodontic Centre is done in a pain-free environment
  • We are here to help, inform us of any concerns or questions you may have
  • Our office prides itself on creating a stress-free environment for you
  • Oral sedation is available at the Richmond Endodontic Centre
  • Putting off treatment of a toothache or infected tooth will only makes matters worse
  • If you had a bad dental experience in the past, we will ensure it is not repeated
  • A slight sensitivity to hot, cold, or bite may be an early sign of a significant problem; ask your dentist to evaluate the sensitivity at your next check-up
  • Make an appointment to see your dentist if you have pain to biting
  • See your dentist as soon as possible if you have pain upon release from biting
  • If unsure, you may request an evaluation by an endodontist at the Richmond Endodontic Centre
  • See your dentist quickly if the bite feels high
  • Some sensitivity for a few days is normal
  • If it does not resolve in a few days, see your dentist
  • Severe pain requires immediate attention
  • If the pain persists for two weeks or is quite severe request an evaluation at the Richmond Endodontic Centre
  • Ask your dentist if a second opinion from an endodontist at the Richmond Endodontic Centre is worth considering
  • Our endodontists have special training and expertise in diagnosing and treating difficult to diagnose sensitivities and oral-facial pain
  • Several medical conditions can cause pain that mimics a toothache; a second opinion from an oral medicine specialist or oral surgeon is occasionally warranted
  • When you lie down, more blood goes to your head and pressure builds-up
  • Use an extra pillow to keep your head above your heart
  • If you are able to, take an anti-inflammatory tablet such as ibuprofen at least one hour before going to bed; see the pain medication hand-out for more details
  • You may be grinding or clenching your teeth, consult your dentist
  • Our office is committed to minimising your exposure to radiation; only x-rays necessary for proper diagnosis and treatment are considered
  • The following medical-legal reasons are why a new x-ray is necessary
    • X-rays from other offices cannot be used in lieu of a new diagnostic x-ray
    • On occasion, a person has been given either an out-dated or incorrect x-ray
    • A new diagnostic x-ray is the only way to avoid such mishaps
    • A new x-ray from an alternative angle will reveal further diagnostic information
  • No, the canal space in the centre of the root is cleaned
  • The hard outer shell of the root remains in place
  • Without a root anchoring a tooth to the jaw bone a tooth will become loose and fall out
  • Yes, it needs regular hygiene and maintenance just like all other natural teeth
  • If you ignore your teeth they will go away
  • The Richmond Endodontic Centre will send a report to your dentist summarising the treatment and our recommendations
  • Return to your dentist within one to two weeks for a follow-up filling
  • It is normal to experience a little tenderness for two to three days
  • Please refer to the pain medication hand-out to learn how to minimise any discomfort

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